• Fungi - A diverse and dense fungal population is crucial for organic matter decomposition, aeration and building of crumb structure (macro aggregates) in the soil.
  • Bacteria - An excessive concentration of bacteria increase the micro aggregates within the soil profile, increasing anaerobic conditions, creating an ideal environment for weeds.
  • Nematodes - Are crucial for cycling plant available nutrients and maintaining microbial balance between fungi and bacteria.
  • Protozoa - Are required to digest bacteria while releasing plant available nutrients and digested atmospheric nitrogen to the plant’s rhizosphere.

To be a successful farmer, one must first know the nature of the soil

- Xenophon, Oeconomicus, 400 B.C.



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Limited carbon sources within the soil profile have a detrimental effect on aerobic soil microbiology populations. Aim for a diverse range of live biology in your soil and provide a sustainable food source.

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