The history of Landsave Organics

A-CUT Tree Services (our older sister company) care about the environment and especially the impact our business has, and has had on the local environment, in particular the rise in carbon output that is created by the mass reduction of trees and tree stumps into logs and chips, and unfortunately as it is with a lot of tree service companies, this ‘waste’ is poorly stored!… left to rot in mass piles creating a quick release carbon explosion.

We came to recognize this problem early in our business cycle and have since that time continued to invest in more advanced plant reduction machinery, equipment and specialised staff to provide solutions.

Unlike many tree services that poorly store their ‘waste’, A-Cut were determined to be more environmentally conscious and develop this negative business aspect into a positive outcome by employing qualified expert staff and investing the necessary high level of capital required to develop a sideline project into a viable business prospect from this so called ‘WASTE!’.

Initially, producing a high quality green and cured mulch from Jarrah and other tree felling, we stored and composted this on a family property for commercial distribution on request or by donation to worthwhile community projects as their need arose.

2011… We have moved a long way since then… With years of vigorous development we now successfully create world class, organically certified composted soils and soil conditioners.

On a large Vasse area property of our own in 2008, we transferred a simple mulching operation on a family hobby farm, into a very sophisticated production plant, creating certified organic soils, soil conditioners along with a range of high quality water saving mulches, all under the control of certified and professional expert staff.

Long term successful development has recently allowed us to commission our Vasse property to be available for mass windrow production of all our soil and mulch products under the business name LANDSAVE ORGANICS PTY LTD.

Since 2011, LANDSAVE ORGANICS PTY LTD have been granted organic certification by NASAA certified organic, and join of a host of industry endorsed soil and mulch producers.

With such a successful beginning, it wont be long before Landsave Organics will become the premier composted soil producer in the South West region.

Mulch not forgotten!.
During this time with internal expertise, we have also evolved our mulch recycling of tree waste to develop a line of custom mulches that are created for specific or general conditions available to trade and the public.